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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

All engines reved up for Microsoft Vista.

Take a look at this website:

This is the official Microsoft Windows Vista Page. Take a look at the images on that page. The words that describe those images are" Wow, cool,trendly, slyck images, but what will Vista deliver? So far Vista seems more of an XP on makeup. The more I read it about it, the more it seems that the bulk of the upgrades was done on the GUI of the OS. The tentative month when Microsoft Vista is coming out, from sources around the Internet seem to state around November 2006. For marketing purposes it makes sense, because most people will buy pc`s during the festive season, so a PC manufacturer will try to entice consumers to buy a new computer just because it have a new OS. Its kind of the Cherry on the Cake.

As already, Microsoft have done in the past, I am assuming that we will be inanduated with adverts of this new OS, on tv,internet etc. I think we all remeber the Windows XP advertisment, that windows XP, will let you do all that you want? So why do we need Microsoft Vista, if we can do whatever we want with Windows XP? Only Time (or Microsoft) will tell us.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Firefox Secure on the Inside, Unsecure on the Outside

I do not usually talk about articles I read on other people blogs, but this information I found it rather funny and at the same time rather odd, that a browser so oriented towards security, have this "flaw".

"Simply go to Tools -> Options -> Privacy and click on the VIEW SAVED PASSWORS button. Then choose Show Passwords. Firefox does you the favor of asking if you REALLY want to show the passwords. "

If you follow the above procedure and the master password have not been setup,then firefox will give the person doing this procedure a carte blanche to all the passwords stored in it!. Ok I admit it that the person who want to discover the user passwords have to have local rights, and must have access to that particular computer, but imagine this trick being used on work pc`s and Internet Cafe pc`s whose administrators do not know about this loophole, there then the real damage could be done!!

Please an appeal to Mozilla, make those passwords in a hash format or something. So that to avoid users who dont know about this "flaw", to at least some protection.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

BT Announce 8mbit internet to every home in the UK

Today I took my inspiration for this post from this article

Sometimes I wonder wheter internet speed are just becoming another marketing scheme for ISP`s to keep customers paying for that dream carrot, no one is able to reach. Why do people need fast internet and then they are limited to a certain limit (download limit)? Its like a person buying a ferrari and is able only to drive it from London to Manchester and back only once per month!. Its just utter nonsense!. If I buy a ferrari (in my dreams :) ), I would like to go wherever I want and when I want. When I buy a service, I want to get my money`s worth of that investment.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Microsoft (MSN search engine) will squash Google in 6 Months?

After reading this morning press release by Microsoft
that they are going to have a better search engine in 6 months, some taughts poped up in my mind.

1.) Just plain marketing skills and publicity, will never get you a better search engine

2.) A search engine is good as its algorithim is good.

Last year microsoft when it redesigned its msn search engine interface, it also made a press release similar to the above, saying that msn is better and have more search options etc etc.
Few months into the future and still microsoft are lagging behind in amount of users using its search engine, and Google is still the king of search engines.

A message to microsoft, Comeon you can do better than just playing a marketing game.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Napster blames Microsoft shortfalls for its problems - The Cat that was...

After reading through this article today

I find it ironic that Napster is blaming microsoft, that it's failure in the music market is due to Microsoft. Napster should see what the consumer wants and follow the consumer needs, not what the Music Executives says. If napster offered DRM free music files (mp3`s,ogg etc), then its sales will skyrocket, but as long as it will keep on selling DRM laiden wma files, success is a very long way away.

A piece of software which caught my attention lately is the Divx 6.1 player. Although its not a new piece of software (and I belief many of you use other video players to watch their videos), what really caught my attention was the redesigned interface of the player, which now comes with a playlist which one can see by default. Another thing is the ability to burn a video to a disc from inside the divx player software, which although not a new thing in video players, its always a plus point. The biggest most plus point though, is that people who would like to stream videos from their website can encode a particular video to divx, and have the ability to stream it from their website. The compression on the video is quite nice, infact its very difficult to see any compression artifacts. Another thing that I liked is that unlike any other streamed video formats, once a person have watched the streamed video, one can right click on the video window and save as a divx movie (obviously), what he/she have just seen.
Some screenshots can be found below:

Fig1. The Main Divx 6.1 Player interface

Fig2. A video is added to the list to be burnt.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Ask who? The famous Butler looses its Name

Today it was announced that Ask Jeeves changed name and became just Ask. Why did I mentioned a butler in the title? For those who don`t remeber Ask Jeeves famous "asset" on the frontpage was the famous butler, who would invite you to enter a question, and he will get to you back with the answers. It`s a cool idea that I liked about this search engine, that although a tad childish and cartoonish, it made the search engine feel a bit more humanly and vivid, rather than the old dull kind of look of search engines. It is true that the old saying "Don`t judge a book by is cover" must also be applied to the internet, and a search engine must be rated, by how relevant its search results are rather than appearance wise, but as a search engine it wasnt bad either.

Why did I mention all these details about the past of Ask Jeeves? For the simple reason that the new Ask search engine, instead of trying to stand out from the crowd by trying to figure out something new, its just copies or try to mimic the Master of all search engines Google.When will all these search engines that are floating around the internet learn, that Google success was to have something that works perefctly and then building step by step, rather than mimicking somebody elses work. Those who have been around the internet for a long time remeber the biggest search engines that were prior to Google, where full of cluttered links and adverts on their frontpage, altavista and hotbot are two examples that spring to my mind. Google, did not try to mimic them but rather, to be best with less, as we all know they succeded.

As time goes by the internet,will become a website becomes a success and then tonnes of others try to copy it..... as the old saying goes "History repeats itself", in the computer industry,there are many examples of this saying, Pacman clones, Free webmail clones, Online music shop clones etc etc.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Google Page Creator

Today I tried the new Beta (as usual :) ), Google Page Creator Application. For those who would like to try it out the link can be found here .

After testing it for some time, I think Google have got another killer app, but only for the non-professional web designers among its big community of users. The Google page creator reminded me of the free Frontpage that used to come with Internet Explorer 4 around 6 years ago. It had nearly the same functionality, and on both applications one cannot see the html code. One nice feature, I found interesting in Google Page Creator, is that you can choose from alot of templates, and to upload a new page for a new user is very easy. When he/she are finished creating the page he/she just press the publish button, and all the pictures,backgrounds and whatever are "uploaded" by Google automatically. Another nice feature is that it autosaves for you a page, so lets assume, one closed the browser window where Google page creator was opened, that user would not loose all the things that he have already worked on.

Below are some screenshots of Google Page Creator:

The Main working window:-

And below is the template selection window:

My final statements are, Its a good tool, but for non professionals. For professionals it would just a be toy to build fast and pretty looking websites.